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What if I tell you I have some best survey sites that help you make money fast! Yes, it’s 2021, and you cannot miss out on this opportunity to make money. I have found some top survey sites that pay you quickly and early.  

Even if you are new to this, don’t worry, all you need to have is a valuable opinion, that’s it. All it takes is a few questions, and you earn money. So, if you are looking to expand your income a little, taking an online survey is one of the best options for you. Although you will get a reasonable amount of money, it’s good not to keep unrealistic expectations to be rich. 

We all are home and can spare some time to take this little side hustle to earn money online. So, let’s look at some trustworthy survey sites to help you make money quickly and easily. 

Things to note before you apply

Survey sites are a great way to earn a little extra cash. However, not every survey site is good for you. The reason being many sites may sell your personal information (data) and earn. You also have to protect yourself against the scams happening around on the internet. 

You have to make sure the site you choose doesn’t disqualify you. It then becomes a waste of your time and the internet. To avoid this, pick platforms that allow you to select the types of survey you want to fill. 

Once you start taking surveys, you will definitely want more. Creating an email specially for taking surveys is a good idea to avoid bombarding multiple emails. 

If you take surveys frequently, it is good to install virus protection to avoid unwanted pop-ups and spam.  

Also, beware of what information you are sharing. Yes, surveys do have some personal questions. But set your boundaries and do not end up sharing too much of your personal information. 

Taking surveys is a good option for you if you spend a lot of time on the internet. 

Swagbucks Survey Sites

Swagbucks is owned by Prodege, LLC. With 15 years of experience in the market, it has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). So, Swagbucks is a digital platform that not only pays you for a survey but also shopping online, searching the web, watching videos, etc.

So, it has thousands of paid survey opportunities available for you each day. They also have an option of search and earn, where you can install their Swagbucks search bar and earn even more. Since 2010 it has gained 20 million users giving each one the benefit to obtain gifts and money. 

It is available in countries in America, Asia, and Europe. Age requirements- 13+years old. The Payment method here is Paypal or gift cards to shop. Your point will expire if you stop using the account. Each survey can give you 10 to 200 points. It is good if you directly spend money from Paypal to avoid extra charges. You need to reach a minimum of $10 to get paid, redeem your points with gift cards or cash. Check your points in the Lifetime points column. 

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Yuno Surveys Sites

Founded in 2019, it is a new company. So, there are plenty of survey options available for you. They also have collaborated with other survey providers that provide you more opportunities. Yuno also has prepaid Visa cards, prepaid MasterCard, and Hotels.com gift cards as rewards but, it also depends on where you live.

So, It only pays you when once you complete the survey. The survey options available informs you about the time it is going to take to fill the survey. Therefore, this helps you prioritize your survey well. They provide bonus points if you complete four surveys within the given period.

So, it has three types of surveys available – Nice and easy survey ( 40 points 10 minutes), Golden Middle Surveys ( 80 points 15 minutes), Maximum reward survey ( 120 points in 30 minutes). The money of each category varies according to the country you live in. It is available in every country. You will also get bonus surveys available if you fill our surveys in 24 hours. Rewards with prepaid Visa cards, prepaid MasterCard, or Hotels.com gift cards. No cash opportunity with Paypal is available but, you get paid in cash with your prepaid cards.

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Opinion Square Survey Sites

Opinion Square is operated by TMRG. It is a renowned market research firm with a 2 million customer base in the US and Canada. So, the members of opinion square get access to thousands of reward items in over 15 categories from gift cards, home & garden, electronics, and more! It is an old firm with industry experience and has tokens available that can be used in games. 

They also have a lot of cash rewards available, which are viable and reach you within weeks. You can take surveys in the US and Canada. The age requirements for opinion square is 18+years old. Opinion square offers payment methods through gift cards, cash paid via check. So, you earn an opinion reward. You need to earn 15,000-point to redeem your money. You can only earn via points, not cash 

( PayPal facility is not available).

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Smart App

It is an online service that helps tech users to earn money and help them improve their online services. So, smart app follow trends by observing how our pool of influencers interact with their online services and apps. Therefore it is also an option to explore because you get to know about internet trends and earn. So, you can get your earnings through PayPal or as Amazon gift cards when you have earned $5.

A passive way to earn, the Payment mode here is PayPal. You also get bonus points to only keep the app installed ( you get 100$). Smart app announces winners of 100$ each month. It is available in the US, the UK and offers you many online surveys to fill. However, they have a qualification procedure if you want to log in.

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One Opinion Survey Sites

One Opinion founded in 2002, owned by the market research firm Dyanta. A rating from BBB. So, most of the surveys are worth 500 to 1,000 points, but you may find some worth more than that. Once you have reached 25000 points, you will get a gift card or Paypal transfer. One opinion is available in the US, Uk, and Canada. 

The age requirements here are 18+years old or 13 to 17 years old with parent’s consent. One opinion offers the payment through Physical or e-gift cards available, Prepaid debit or credit cards.

It has product surveys, mobile surveys, product testing, teen surveys, dairy surveys. You need a minimum of 25000 points to redeem your reward.  

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Survey Junkie Survey Sites

Founded in 2005, Survey Junkie has more than 10 million members today. So, it is famous for providing opportunities for paid surveys. Survey Junkie is a leader in the industry with a BBB rating of B. 

It is a legitimate way to earn money while traveling, eating, or in your spare time to make money. It is available in the US, Canada, and Australia. 

The Age requirement for Survey Junkie is 13+years old. The payment method for this PayPal ( all countries), e-gift cards, and direct bank transfers in the United States. 

Your points expire within 12 months. You need a minimum of 1000 points to redeem your points. Survey Junkie is also one of the oldest survey sites. 

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Inbox Research

Inbox Research, founded in 2017, makes sure you earn well in return for your time. So, with Inbox research, you can get Complete Paid Offers and Market Research For Cash. It is one of the legit sites that pays you well. You get rewarded through PayPal and gift cards. 

With Inbox research, you can get paid by reading emails. You can earn additional income by referring it to your friends. It is user-friendly and easy to use. 

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Real Surveys that pay

The Real surveys that pay, as the name suggests, pays you for your valuable opinions. You can join for free and get a $2.00 Signup bonus. There are many survey options available for you to choose from. It gives you a chance to answer for something you like. 

The Real surveys that pay also have multiple payment options. So, the design ensures you see every piece of information on the screen. From estimate time to the amount you will earn, everything is right in front of you. 

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Opinion outpost

Opinion outpost is a platform for you to earn cash through completing surveys, watching ads, and testing products. It is available in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany. 

You get rewarded through PayPal points for cash schemes or Virtual VISA Prepaid Card. It has multiple survey options for you, and you will never fall short of rewards. The minimum amount you earn is $2.5. Opinion Outpost claims 350,000 of its users are receiving up to 50 points through each survey. Each survey gives you opinion points, and you can redeem them through cash or eCards.

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Life points

 Life points claim to have 5,000,000 members from all over the world. You can take multiple surveys with Life points, with a minimum $5 account balance for Amazon gift cards or PayPal cash rewards.

Most of the surveys take 20 minutes of your time. Lightspeed Research–LifePoints parent company–has been conducting surveys since 1946. Once you log in, you get a bonus of 20 points before you attempt any surveys. 

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So, if you have free time at home and would like to make some best use of it, apply now. All you need is a device and internet connection. There are many options for you out there, which increases your chances to earn more. With due research, the sites mentioned above pay you a substantial amount and value your time.  

So many companies out there are eagerly waiting to know your valuable opinions. However, they benefit too, as surveys are the most convenient and easy way to gather information for them.

You can now earn money fast with survey sites listed down here. With so many options out there, get what gives you the best return. 

I hope you continue making healthy financial choices with us. Happy financing!

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