10 unusual (Legal) ways to make money

make money
make money

Do you think you need to earn a little more money? Well, why not think about it? Money helps us to survive, have fun, security, and so many other reasons. We have told you many ways to save or make money. But, today we are going to tell you some really unusual ways to make money. It would astonish you to the fact of how doing something so simple could save your money. But trust us it does, though you might not earn a fortune but definitely some good amount.

So, sometimes you need to explore more options to add extra money into your pocket. National Resource Connect have found those unusual ways to make money. Remember it is completely legal and safe to try these options.

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make money
make money

Some Unusual Ways To Make Money

Make money playing video games

  • Oh yes! you heard it right you can money playing video games. This could be a dream of many but it is still possible to make a good amount of money from it. You can be game tester, The national average pay for video game testers in the US is $67,813 per year! However it is not a easy task you get to play and check every glitch in the game. It is a best option to choose if you are analytical and methodical.
  • Creating a YouTube channel is also an option where you can choose the visual medium to explain how video games to your audience. Ads, and sponsorship pay a good amount here. All you need to do is increase your followers and reach.
  • Use twitch as option to earn from video games, all you need to do is a be a partner with them and fulfill their eligibility criteria before you start earning.
  • Take tournament games, however it is very competitive you have to really good in playing to earn a good amount.
  • Apart from all of it you can become a game developer, video game coach or a journalist.

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Rent your car to make money

So, If you own a vehicle which is extra or just parked in your garage. You could use them to earn, companies like Getaround and Turno provide you with services to rent your car. They provide 24/7 assistance and insurance. So, why miss a chance to make extra money.

Earn Money from your poop

I know this may sound a little weird, maybe this could the weirdest way to make money. But, yes you can sell your poop to OpenBiome and make $40 per stool. Fun part aside you are actually helping people with a disease called C. difficile. To donate your poop for testing the age limit is 18 to 50 years and the body mass index should be less then 30. So why not help people and at the same time make some money.

Invest in REIT

Real estate investment no doubt is a great option to make money. However what to do when you don’t have enough cash to invest? or you don’t want to be a landlord. Therefore, REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) is the right place for you. It works like stocks and offer you an opportunity to own in real estate without the hassles and procedures.

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make money
make money

Sell your college notes

This is the best options for the students who need to make money to pay student loans or provide you with a good pocket money. There are several companies who buy your notes for cash. Campus shift, Course hero, Grate buddy, Study Soup are some you could go opt for. However the companies above have eligibility criteria that you must pass.

Be a professional Eater

Are you a foodie person? You really like eating and cannot wait to explore more food? What If say you get paid to eat and review it. Oh, that would be a treat for you isn’t it? So, here is Mystery shopping, Survey Junkie are some of the places where you get paid to review the food. You can also start your blog, get into food studies where you could professionally achieve eat more.

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Sell Apple phone box

Yes, you heard it right, now you can sell your apple phone box and make money. All you need to do is sell your old iPhone, MacBook, iPad box, though this does not give a fortune but a decent amount in return. Though it is highly coveted and you can sell them on Ebay, Boxcyle, Rebox corp.

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Baby sitting for dogs

So, are you a dog person? How about you get paid to care of them. There many owners looking for such people. Rover. com is a place to sign up for you can charge hourly or by days. Many people who travel for work or are going on vacation who mot like to keep their dog alone. So, why not try this method too.

Earn Every Click

Earning from your Photography is an option to earn. We usually take many pictures and might upload in on Instagram too. So, why not try a way to make money out it, companies like ShutterStock, istock who will pay for your pictures. So, you earn on every download of your picture.

Take Surveys

Earn from your opinion, this is already a rebound way to earn from anywhere. Spend valuable time on internet seeing a video, surfing on the website, take surveys and make money. Say so survey, Yuno surveys, Your Junkie, Opinion square are some place for you to share opinions and earn.

There many other unusual ways to make money. You could earn at Rentafriend by just spending time with that person, rent your room, be a influencer, handle social media, watch videos so many options are available for you to make money. All you need to do is explore a bit and find the weirdest ways to earn.

What is astonishing it to see the ways which were weird 5 to 10 years ago are normal now. And there are so many more unusual adding up to the list. Due loans, debts people are making the best of their time to earn money. Go ahead and explore the ways to make money, and if you find some more weird ways share it with us. Keep Earning!

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