Can I get my repossessed car back?

car repossession how to get it back
car repossession how to get it back

When you buy any vehicle, you either borrow the money or take it from the bank. Arranging such a large amount is not feasible for a majority of us. However, when your car gets repossessed, it affects your credit scores. Wondering, car repossession how to get it back? It also becomes stressful for you if you are someone who relies on their vehicle to get to work, school, the grocery store, and everywhere else in their lives. So, Can I get my repossessed car back?

Well, numerous reasons for your car to get repossessed. If you breach the terms of your auto loan agreement, like missing payments or — in some states — failing to get enough car insurance. 

But, worry not, National Resource Connect is here to help you find a way to get a repossessed car back. You can get your repossessed vehicle back. There are plenty of options for it- The best one depends on how much money you have, your state’s laws, your loan agreement, and the lender’s willingness to work with you.

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What is a car repossession?

Before proceeding further, let me give a quick explanation of what car repossession is. When you borrow money or take a loan to buy a car, you do not own it free and clear. You may use it daily but, the lender can take it back from you through repossession. However, this only happens if you fail to abide by the agreements you made with the lender. 

Repossession is when the lender takes possession of your vehicle, sometimes without warning you or having permission from the court. The vehicle repossession contact varies by state; your vehicle purchase contract should cover details about how and when your auto lender can repossess your vehicle. The creditor can visit your workplace, home, or any other locations to take your car. If your vehicle is repossessed, it shows up on your credit report for seven years. Apply for your insurance with and get all your insurance quotes and quote ranges, tools, links, and recommendations to help you with insurance and financial-related decisions. 

Car repossession how to get it back

Getting a repossessed car back can give you a hard time. You need to arrange money instantly to get your vehicle back. Once your car repossessed, the creditor starts looking for ways to reoccupy the money you still owe on the car loan, plus any fees incurred — think towing, storage of the vehicle, re-keying the car, and legal fees. 

While the best option for the creditor – is to sell the car in an auction to reimburse the money. So, how to get a car back from the repo? 

Contact your lender- car repossession how to get it back

The first essential step you must take to get the car back from the repo is to call your car lender right away. In most cases, car repossession happens due to abstained payments. However, it is always to communicate immediately and find the cause. 

Because your car may also get repossessed for reasons – you have not carried adequate insurance. If that is your situation, it can resolve by adjusting your insurance policy. There are plenty of reasons like the lender made a mistake, your vehicle was repossessed wrongly, or your account was accidentally marked as delinquent when you are currently on payments. Here’s why a phone is the first step you must take.

Tip – You can always communicate with the creditor and negotiate regarding your payments immediately or if you think you will miss payments. 

Loan Reinstatement

If you think you do not have sufficient money to get a repossessed car back, then another possible option is to reinstate the loan. With reinstatement, you clear your past-due amount, plus any late fees and repossession costs. You get your car back and resume paying your car loan.

However, the right of reinstatement only allowed in some states or by the terms of your loan agreement. So, if you are eligible to reinstate, you should act upon it quickly. Usually, reinstatement allowed for a short time after the repossession (sometimes 15 days) to reinstate your loan. If your reinstatement is according to your loan agreement, then the period depends on what your agreement says ( it can be more or less). 

Redeem your vehicle 

The most convenient way to get your vehicle back is through redemption. Here you pay off the loans, meaning exercising your right of redemption. To redeem the loan, you must pay off the loan and all fees. You get your car back free and clear of any loans. 

You can redeem the car any time before the private sale or auction. However, it is advisable to pay off the payments instead of indulging in the long process.

When you redeem your vehicle bank sends you a notice that contains all the information about your redemption. If you have not received the notice within five days of the repossession, you must contact the creditor right away to pay off the amount and instructions for redemption. Your right to redemption dissolves when the car sold. 

File for Bankruptcy

When you file for bankruptcy, you might stop the redemption temporarily. It triggers an automatic stay that prohibits the collection efforts by the creditors. 

Chapter 13 allows you to negotiate a repayment plan and, for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you must file it before the car is sold to get it back. You must always check with a local attorney for more information about your state’s repossession laws and how to get a repossessed car back.

Understand your rights

If your car repossessed, you still have the right to protect yourself. When the car repossessed, any property kept in the car belong to you. The creditor can sell the car, but they can’t sell your possessions. The law requires creditors to return your property to you.

Although the law allows the repossession workers to enter your property or into your garage, but not allowed to cause damage to your property.  

If any of your rights violated, you must immediately contact your creditors and the lawyer. 


Be provocative to get all the information when a situation like this comes your way. Though you may be in a weak position here, you always have a chance to communicate or negotiate with your creditor. Take every opportunity you can and protect your vehicle. 

Practice healthy financial habits. So you do not get yourself into a situation like this ever. Remember, you may have your vehicle now, but it is essential to take measures to protect and improve your credit report. Though you consider yourself in a stressful situation, a good plan can always help you. 

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