Find How To Make Money As A Web Designer

how to make money as a web designer
how to make money as a web designer

There are more than thousands of ways for you to make money. And if you plan to make money as a web designer, you have come to the right place. Working as a web designer can be a rewarding career if you know how to make it work for you well. Apart from being skilled enough to earn money creating websites, you must also know how to market yourself properly. We have created a space for you to know the best way to make money as a web designer.

So, there must be multiple questions popping in your head like how to make websites for money? How to become a web designer? And many more. National Resource Connect has a complete guide for you to understand how to make money as a web designer.

Did you know?

WordPress is the most popular of modern website builders. Around 30% of websites online today, built with the WordPress blogging platform.
how to make money as a web designer
how to make money as a web designer

Let’s understand the term Web Designer

A web designer is someone who creates the visual look of your website pages, through developing web applications working the coding language to build the website pages. Web Designer role also incorporates styling and design of pages with content, social media, user testing, user experience designers, including text and images.

Web designers use many technologies but commonly rely on hypertext and hypermedia resources including, HTML, CSS, and additional Web design tools. We all often get used between the web designer and web developers.

They both work on websites, while the web developer builds the core of the website using coding languages and the developer works on the visual aspect of it. You can think of developers as construction workers and web designers as architects – both significant, but separate, skill sets.

So, How to make money as a web designer?

Well, it all depends on what your experience and creativity will lead to. You must be willing to make your creativity and passion your career to earn money. You need to be skilled enough to perform the job. So, how to make websites for money, or how to make money making websites, our guide will shed light on it. Further, with experience, you can create a free website and earn money.

Learn how to make a website

First thing first, you must know how to build a visually appealing website. There are plenty of courses and websites available for you to learn and know how to become a web designer. All you need is a genuine interest and to make money out of it.

In the beginning, to learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and web design you enroll for online or offline courses. The Internet has a lot of free tools to help you learn on your own and to make money creating websites. Here’s the best part, there are plenty of platforms offering you drag and drop features so that you do not have to learn CSS or HTML to start building websites.

There are many options available for you to build your website


It is the most famous and convenient for your tool for you to create your website- known for its content management system and blogging capabilities. WordPress operates on a PHP and MySQL database. You can create your website for free with WordPress. With plenty of themes available, you have great options to choose from.

WordPress also allows you to add plugins to add various features to your website, including integrated tools and eCommerce options. You know there are plugins for everything you need, so make sure you get familiar with it.


Wix is the perfect place for you if you don’t know to code. You can use the drag and drop features to create your website. Wix is a well-liked choice when it appears to be designing and publishing your portfolio, blog, online store, or small business website.

Choose a Manageable Niche- how to make money making websites

No matter what profession you choose, you must always know your niche or build one for yourself. So, if you are a beginner, it is essential to narrow down your niche and find your specialty. Many successful web designers focus on a particular service of web design.

It helps them to be successful and known for that specific service. You can choose to create websites in distinct areas like food, fitness, travel, or anything you like to restrict yourself from working.

So, sometimes it means saying to know some of the clients to work only in your niche. It will help you narrow down your focus to your audience and build some genuine capabilities too.

Remember, once you specialize in your niche, you get the clarity as to what kind of work you would do. Finding your niche is the best way to make money as a web designer.

Create a Portfolio of Websites

A little self-promotion always helps it can help reach out to some audience. For example- A friend might need a web designer and it would be great if they already know about your portfolio. With this, you also create your freelance web designer portfolio.

So, build a small portfolio of websites that showcase all your skills and talent. You can begin with creating your website, give it the best shot- because your portfolio is a stairway between the client and you. Your design and website will not only build an impression but create an impact- let your work speak for itself.

You can also consider building some sample sites to target your niche. It will make it easy for both parties to communicate well and to reach each other.

Reach Out to New Clients

Building new contact will cause you harm but help you expand yourself. So, an essential step is to find those contacts for yourself, because you will need more connections to increase your income.

So, if you are also thinking about how to be a freelance web designer? That’s how you begin your journey- you cannot rely on one or two clients for income. It’s time for you to rethink your strategy and start marketing for yourself, which will also create your freelance web designer portfolio.

So, here’s how you find those multiple clients and stabilize your income. All you must know is the perfect place for networking.


LinkedIn is the most renowned platform to find your clients. All you need to do is create your profile and upload your portfolio. The next step would be targeting your niche and sending connection requests and messages.

They also have a tool called LinkedIn marketing. It will help you to reach out to the people in a particular category or your niche.

Social Media

We are all evolving digitally and maintaining your social media presence can also bring some good contact. Creating your Instagram and Facebook accounts and sharing your work on it. You can also create one on Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, WhatsApp you never know what may come out of it.

Clients are everywhere, just like opportunities, you should use all the resources available for you and reach them.

Apart from the above platforms, there are other opportunities to like- Meetups -where you verbally communicate and meet people. Any local meetup and bring a fantastic opportunity for you. You register with them, find details in newspapers, magazines, and the Internet – that’s when a little good research helps.

Friends and Family are always ready to do a little free marketing for you. So, go ahead and pass on your freelance web designer portfolio to them.

how to make money as a web designer
how to make money as a web designer

Register Yourself on Freelancing Sites

There are plenty of freelancing sites available for you to connect with clients digitally. You have to share your freelance web designer portfolio. So, now you know how to be a freelance web designer, creating a strong network is key!

Remember, as a freelancer plenty of work will come to you through word of mouth or recommendations. So, maintaining a healthy relationship in the market becomes prominent for you.

Working as a freelancer is a great opportunity. You get a chance to work on the projects you want. As a freelancer, you will endure all of the advantages of the responsibilities that are required.

Here are some Freelancing websites for you- how to make money as a web designer


It is one of the most well-known freelancing websites. You do not need any technical skills required to join. With Fiverr, it is convenient to hire and contact freelancers. Fiverr has some great tools which make it easier for the client to know the skills without a pinch of doubt. With a variety of skills and services, you can find a skilled person at Fiverr.


It has the largest selection of jobs for you, with Upwork, you get the chance to work with people around the globe. It is the biggest online freelancing platform and used by more than sixteen million freelancers worldwide.

You can now Bid on projects quickly and easily with With more than 7million users, it has created its space in the market. With simple registration and some great tools, is a go-to place.

Start Your Own Web Designing Blog- how to make money making websites

The best way to make money as a web designer is to start your blog, what better way to promote yourself. Here your content will speak for itself. The website will be a go-to point for the clients to reach you. The best to attract your niche is through content marketing.

Creating your Web Designing blog will help you fill your site with the content that Google and similar search engines prefer to rank web pages when people carry searches online. You need to hold a content strategy and choose the topics that will attract your niche or client.

Once the blog is ready and content starts flowing, you will attract the clients in perpetuity. You can also utilize easy advertising and a simple way to find clients who want your specific skill set. Creating your Web Designing blog gives you the benefit to run your blog and get clients through also.

 Give Extra service and discounts – How to make money making websites

A beautiful part of being a web designer, is you get so many complimentary services. Remember, it is not only about creating a website but attracting traffic too. If you do not like to offer any of those services, there is always an option to outsource someone to do it.

  • Logo design
  • Print products (brochures, business cards, other graphic design)
  • Social media marketing
  • Paid ad campaigns such as pay-per-click (PPC) ads, Facebook ads, etc.
  • SEO
  • Graphic Designing
  • Content writing
  • Content strategy
  • Digital advertising management

By capitalizing on the above offering services and bundles, it makes it easy for your client to attract web traffic towards their website. Never forget to give a little discount to your daily customers. It helps them to stay with you. You also provide promotional prices for people who are buying more services from you.

Best way to make money as a web designer- Earn money!

There are plenty of more options for you to make money creating websites.

  • You can create your templates and themes and sell them. 
  • You can also create and sell a variety of digital files:
  • Icons
  • PSD templates
  • Backgrounds, patterns, brushes
  • UI assets
  • Graphics
  • Fonts
  • eBooks
  • Documents
  • Become a plugin developer, where you can provide specific features to the website.
  • Start your own web- design agency

Conclusion- How to make money as a web designer

Being a web-designer offers you plenty of skills to earn a lucrative amount of money. However, be an excellent communicator to understand your client’s needs- be it freelancing work or your organizational work. You not only create a visual aspect of the website, but you also build your clients’ image in the market.

With the pandemic around, it is a great opportunity for every web-designer, as everything is working digitally. Numerous clients are waiting for you, you should be actively using all your resources, mainly your social media to build a strong network. We hope you get the best clients and work on your creativity very well.

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