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All about home appliances warranty
home appliance warranties
home appliance warranties

Buying a home is a huge event in everyone’s life. It is a huge investment you make of your valuable money. The space which you create a home for your loved ones, but there are a few things you would want to know. Investing in home comes with so many purchases and you would obviously want it to be secure. Home appliance warranties gives you that security.

There are so many appliances you use in your house and may need repair sometime. Home appliance warranties provide you with the services to repair them. It helps you to cover the cost of repairs and does not expand your budget. So, the plans you choose adds a layer of protection to your appliances. It not only comforts you but assures that your investment is worth it.

Firstly, before buying a Home appliance warranties, you always think about future benefits. Also, it is the very correct thing to do when you are spending your money. So, let look into how to apply for home appliance warranties and why is it beneficial for you.

National Resource Connect has listed down some agencies which will help you find your warranty plans. With no further dew lets look at some warranty services for you!

Home appliances warranty
Home appliance warranties

Why we need a Home Appliance Warranties?

Home appliance warranty is also known as home warranty plans. Unlike insurance companies which only cover unexpected events. Home appliance warranties cover expected wear and tear of the appliances. Your appliances break or need repairs frequently.

When you are buying a home appliance, one of the most important things you look into is the warranty. It is what attracts you the most. Home appliance warranties on a product provides you with the security. If something goes wrong with the product.

You have an expert in the field to get it repaired. Home Appliance warranties help owners, real estate professionals, sellers too. Usually, the stores charge some extra amount and provide the extension (which is warranty) for the products we buy.

Home Appliance warranties and Extended warranties

However, there is a difference between Home appliance warranties and Extended warranties. Home appliance warranties will have multiple appliances covered in it. But the extended warranties are based on a particular product.

The extended warranties are by the manufacturer of the product and available for a specific period only. Home appliance warranties are beyond extended warranties and available for a more extended period. 

What home Appliance Warranties cover?

Firstly, the services not only help when you are shifting to a new home. But also when there are some repairs needed in your house.

  • Home warranties will cover home repair systems and appliances
  • They include items like air conditioners, ovens, heaters, clothes washer and dryer, electrical, and plumbing.
  • While, some home appliance may also have a customized plan and cover more items 
  • It helps a lot of sectors come together and work 

Before choosing a Home Appliance Warranties

  • Choose a plan which covers all the appliances you want
  • Read all the guidelines properly
  • You can customize your plan
  • Try to look for better options
  • Your money is valuable, do not spend extra

Let’s look at some Home Appliance warranties- Services.

Choice Home Warranty 

So, It is a home warranty is a service contract that covers the repair or replacement of important appliances. It also covers systems components that break down.

They have a nationwide network of 15000 contractors, with 24×7 facility. Covered more than 1,000,000 Homes Across the USA. Look at the coverage details to know more about it.

American home Shield 

Founded in 1971 provides repair and replacement services. They also have optional coverage only for electronic appliances with warranty plans. Also, have over 2 billion paid out claims in the past 5 years, hold nationwide 14,000 contractors.

American home shield has over 1.7 billion customer bases. Therefore, the flexible price structure makes it customer-friendly. They are known for best coverage. Look at the coverage details to know more about it.

Selected Home Warranty

It provides home warranty plans throughout the United States. So, it is flexible with the warranty policies that cover 15 systems and appliances. They have a plan starting from 75 cents per day. Selected Home Warranty are associated with thousands of local service providers across the country. They are known for offering the best value. Therefore, it builds a huge network for them. Look at the coverage details to know more about it.

Harmony Home Warranty

New York-based services include a combination of home warranty plans. With major systems and appliances to homeowners in all 50 states. They offer packages that can be customized and extended according to our requirements. They hold differently as they provide warranty coverage for the major of your appliances. No limit on the number of claims. Look at the coverage details to know more about it.


A Georgia-based service which provide home appliance warranty plans across the United States. American First Choice (AFC) aims to make complex services simple and customer friendly. Additional coverage added and concerning the company policy. You can choose your licensed technicians. Look at the coverage details to know more about it.

Total Home 

Founded in 2016. It is a young company that provides Home Appliance warranty plans. They also hold gold and platinum plans available. The comprehensive plans which have options to expand according to the requirements.

They also have 30 day money bask guarantee. Discount for Seniors & Veterans is available too. It also has a sample Sample Annual Contract Offered. Look at the coverage details to know more about it.

First American Home Warranties

It is a California based service founded in 1984. They aimed to provide home warranty products and services in the United States. It has 24/7 support whenever your appliances failed. Famous for huge network and trained technicians.

First American Warranty covers home system and appliances repair for homeowners, sellers, buyers. So, with 30 years of experience in the services, makes them the leader. They do not cover pre-existing issues Look at the coverage details to know more about it.

Advanced Home Warranties

The advance home warranty has a variety of coverage plans for you. Therefore, they are great for homeowners watching for home appliance services. The cost is low compared to the industry standard. Look at the coverage details to know more about it.

Nations Home Warranty

Founded in 1966. It is a Texan company and manages the business with Texas. They offer home warranties, free online listing, and 24/7 customer service professionals for all your queries. Their quick and easy pricing is something you could look for. Look at the coverage details to know more about it.

Home Guard Warranties

It is a California based service. They provide home appliance warranty to homeowners and real estate professionals. They offer both online and offline services with a different range of plans. The company covers all the Kitchen appliances. But, does not cover refrigerators, washers, and dryers. Look at the coverage details to know more about it.

Home appliance warranty
Home appliance warranties

Choose your service contract now!

Before choosing the home service contract, you must be clear with the appliances you want to cover. Because every company has its own coverage plans and products. That is why it is essential to be clear with the products you want to cover. So, now protect your home appliance and your budget from costly repairs. It gives you a peace of mind that your product is safe and secured.

Remember, you should be very clear what your warranty covers. Go through all the guidelines once to avoid fraud. Many companies try to bluff a lot about services. You should not completely trust them.

The home appliance warranty not only saves your time but a large amount of money. The plans you purchase ensures a solution from trained professionals. Before taking any warranty plans make sure you read all the policies to avoid any deception. So, go ahead and protect your appliances just like you would protect your home.

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