How to dispose of old credit cards properly

how to dispose of old credit cards
how to dispose of old credit cards

Are you looking for ways on how to dispose of old credit cards? Well, you have come to the right place. Today, we are giving you some exceptional methods for shredding credit cards.

Disposing of unwanted things from our life usually goes in the dustbin or recycling bins. Or if they are useful, you give them away to someone. However, when it comes to credit cards and other payment cards, it is different. You have to destroy them so nobody can use them fraudulently.

With identity theft rising, throwing them away or cutting them with scissors is not a good idea. It is not difficult to reconstruct the details from pieces of the card unless you are careful about how you go about it. Do not get paranoid about what if the information reclaimed? But find a safe and secure way to shredding credit cards.

Can you recycle credit cards? The answer is not as such as it should be. So, how to dispose of old credit cards or metal cards when they expire or canceled? Cutting them off and throwing them in the dustbin is not always a suitable option.

can you recycle credit cards

Before knowing how to dispose of old credit cards, let us find how to destroy credit cards.

Things to do before shredding credit cards.

Whether you want to destroy an expired credit card or you are canceling your card. It is better to take few steps to ensure that there won’t be any outstanding issues with your credit card account.

Contact the issuer

The first step is to contact the issuer, no matter what the reason maybe. If closing your account is the goal, you must call the number on the back of the card and go ahead with that. Although closing an account may always not be a good idea ( unless the situation is exceptional). Closing your credit card affects your credit score.

Also, if your card holds some rewards, do not forget to redeem points or cash back. If your card has automatic payment options, shift it to a different card. Clear all your card bills to avoid inconvenience ahead. Skip this step if you are solely replacing an expired card or one that is compromised.

Send back the metal card

If you have a metallic card, sending your expired or otherwise compromised card to the issuer back to get it properly disposed of.
It is probably the best option to dissolve your metallic card safe and secure.

If you receive a new metallic card, your issuer may enclose with it an envelope with prepaid postage for you to return your old card for recycling or disposal. If you do not get a prepaid envelope with your new card or miss track of the one included with your old card- you can call the card issuer and ask for further assistance.

You should generally not try to gobble them with a paper shredder at home. And if you still wish to do it, try tin snips or other specialized metal shears from the hardware store. But do not forget there is an easy way to do it.

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Cut the plastic cards

If you have a traditional card, Sturdy scissors and smart trimming will get the job done here. To do this precisely, you must first disable the magnetic strip behind the card – which contains all your data like account number, card limit, and name. You can do this by running the magnet to the strip (make sure the magnet is against the strip for some time).

Now you must destroy the chip in your card. The chip is a small golden patch on your card. Destroy the chip as it contains all your information too. You can use a hammer to smash the chip as a scissor won’t work here.

Now, cut the card into pieces with a sturdy scissor. Cut it in a way that it should not be pieced back together. Start with cutting down the numbers so that there are no more than two numbers on each piece of card. Do not forget to cut up the security code and signature at the back of the card.

how to destroy credit cards

Check your bank account

It is always good to cross-check with your bank account. Once you are all done shredding credit cards, go and check your account statement, even your last statement on a closed account. To secure yourself that there has been no fraud.

How not to destroy an expired credit card

Now that you everything on how to destroy credit cards. Let me tell you how not to destroy your credit cards. Well, though you aim to shred them in pieces, keeping yourself safe is also an essential part.

One thing you should never try is to burn or boil your cards. You heard it right many people try to choose this way. It is extremely dangerous for your health. The toxins it releases and causes you severe trouble. Inhaling these fumes can cause severe damage to your respiratory system. Adhere to other methods to destroy your expired credit card.

If you are also finding any other way- you are unsure about, do not try it.

how to dispose of old credit cards


Every small financial step you take is essential for you. You must try and acquire every piece of knowledge about it. To protect yourself from any deception you must have good knowledge about it. At National Resource Connect we try to fill those gaps and help you make the best financial decisions.

And remember, even if you dispose of the card, do not miss out on those points or cashback earnings away. Check, and double-check, your accounts to confirm that you do not have any lingering rewards before they expire or are forfeited upon account closing.

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