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How to save 1000 dollars
How to save 1000 dollars

Before you plan on saving money, ask yourself, why do you want that saving? Financial stability and financial goals are two important reasons for saving money. But let me be honest, it is hard to save, and if you know the correct way to do it, it is possible. Let’s talk about How to save 1000 dollars.

Research says only 40% of Americans have the cash to pay for unexpected expenses like roof repair or car repairs. It means 60% of them do not have the money to protect themselves from a leaky roof or to replace those car tires. The only option left for them is to swipe credit cards, take loans, or borrow.

If I tell you saving money is not difficult, all you need to do is add some simple steps. And it will create a tremendous impact on your saving goals. To save 1000 dollars, all you need to do is add some small changes daily, weekly, and monthly.  

Choosing the right mindset is essential for getting started towards the goal. You must begin assessing ways to increase revenue and reduce your budgeting expenses. It helps to create dollars you can put away. 

Compared to the mismanaged expenses, that will cost you more. It is easy to feel intimidated by budgeting. But through learning the ins and outs of financial sorcery, it will become second nature to you (stay committed to your goals and, we promise you’ll start seeing positive changes!). 

Freebies are also a great option to buy from your favorite brand and get the best deals out of it.

Review your bills- How to save 1000 dollars

To keep a check on your bills is an essential step towards saving money. Here, you need to review all your statements and see if you are paying an additional amount. Seldom you have signed up for subscriptions that you don’t know about. So, check on your credit card bills, gym membership, or any other subscriptions. 

Once you review your bills, you get to know you are paying for so many things you did not sign up for, though this will not help you save an exceptional amount- but help you save 1000 dollars. Imagine you have many such subscriptions that you didn’t sign up for and are paying for it. 

So, start reviewing your bills and pay only for the things you consume. 


 Ibotta is a traditional method of couponing. Here you earn cashback on your purchase at most grocery retailers. You can book travel, book online, or pay through the app to earn cashback and discounts. It has coupons available for all groceries regardless of their brand.

You also get many coupons on non-grocery items like a clothing brand, restaurants, and gas stations when you scan the receipt with your smartphone. Before visiting any grocery stores, you can enable the digital coupon to receive the cashback. Ibotta is considered the friendliest grocery shopping app. 

Know the true cost 

I know this might sound a little vague, but trust me, it will help you save that 1000 dollars. Before you choose to buy something, measure the time you are investing to buy it.

For example, you want to buy those shoes, and they cost you X amount. Now be calculative and ask yourself how much time it takes for you to earn that X amount. It changes the game completely. You realize the value of the time- you are investing to buy it.  

But what do you do with that money? That is the central question to ask. One way to utilize it is to invest and calculate the returns it will give you over that period. The main goal here is to make you aware of how much you are investing in the product. And if it is worth your time to purchase it. 

I know doing this for every purchase can be challenging, but the results are magical too. It also prevents you from unwanted shopping. 

The best way to save money is to not spend it. But when we desire something, it is hard to resist ourselves. So take a step back and ask yourself if that product is worth buying. Before you go and buy those shoes or something you don’t need on impulse. Just take a step back and ask yourself the true cost of it. 

You can go and follow the 24-hour rule. Where you go back, wait for 24 hours and then decide if you want to make that purchase or not. 


It is not only a coupon-based service but also allows you to get cash back on purchases ranging from 1% to 40% considering the retailer, but the average cashback rate is usually between 3% and 10%.

By linking your credit card account to Rakuten, you get cashback from 30 stores when you shop in person. It also has a discount code section on its website where you can use those codes to reduce your amount. Over 2000 retailers take part are available here.

Practice the 30-day rule

When you plan to make a massive purchase, think about it first. Pen down what it is and how much it costs, and if after 30 days you still feel it is necessary, buy it.

Accommodation and traveling change

Make sure your accommodation is according to your income. There are many ways to save money on it.

  1. Stay in a rented house
  2. If you have an extra room vacant, rent it
  3. Make sure the distance from work to home is less

Transportation also takes a lot of your money. Here are a few ways you can adopt a few methods to save money

  1. Walk to your work (will have health benefits)
  2. Use public transport 
  3. Share a vehicle if possible
  4. Use a bicycle 

Eating out- How to save 1000 dollars

To begin with, you need to draw a line between consumption and enjoyment. That means, there is a difference between going out- drinking coffee every day. And to meet your friend once in a while for a coffee. 

Draw a boundary between the two. Buying coffee every day from outside and making one at home creates a big difference. Preparing your meals at home is not only a healthier option but will save some money too. Eating leftovers, taking food from home, carrying your own tea/coffee bags adds to your saving goals.

Try not buying food that charges for convenience like grating the cheese or washing the vegetable. You will anyway repeat the process. 

Keep more cash helps you find the best deals on the internet to save money! Why not try it. You can get the best discounts and offers the next time you sign up with us. It is saving time and valuable money.

Always Negotiate – How to save 1000 dollars

Just remember, everything is negotiable. All you need to do is ask! Going out to buy those apples or that T-shirt, you can negotiate the price. I would also suggest you check on your utility bills. Check on your cable, phone, internet bills. Take these bills and compare them with your competitor’s chances are they are charging less for those services.

The main goal is to bring down the amount. You are paying the lowest introductory rate of the company you are paying. So you are saving and utilizing the services. 

It not only applies to paying bills but if you are also making any big purchases. Leasing your home, buying groceries, home warranty, or anything else also negotiates. 


It automatically credits your account when you buy from a specific brand. It is convenient for those who don’t change their brands as a limited brand is available, easy to use. You take a picture of the receipt. It is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Move Savings

To save money. It is essential to differentiate between the expenses and your savings. Put some money from your checking account ( you pay your expenses from) into your savings account. 

You tend to spend more money if you find it in your account. So, as soon as you get paid, and get an urge to spend it. Fix it in your savings account so you do not spend it accidentally. You can also put your money to pay where they give you higher interest. 

Eliminate Wants

Make a list of things that you would like to purchase. Remember, it is more than okay not to buy things you want immediately (in fact, we recommend making a wish list and waiting 30 days for major purchases that could break the bank!).

With whatever money you have left after paying your bills and meeting your basic needs, you can buy things you want (within reason) or save up for them. Just make sure you are not treating all of your remaining money. 

Because spending money once all your monthly responsibilities are fulfilled. It is not the same concept as occasionally treating yourself to an exceptional purchase. It is one of the simple ways to save money. 

Use an automated tool

Credit cards are good to use at times but do not make it a habit. (Remember you are just sparing time to pay the bills late but you have to pay them). Instead, it is easy to set up an account at the bank that will automatically take money out of your paycheck every week and save it away in a savings account. If you do not see the money, then you will not spend it.

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Start to save 1000 dollars fast 

You can start saving money the minute you decide. However, your effective strategy will make it successful. We hope you make the best out of your money and save more!

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