Simple Money Management Tips

money management
money management

Smart money management tips! Who would not like to practice them? Obviously all of us. We understand that it takes a lot of time and mental energy to master the art of budgeting. When you are running out of money. Luckily, there are plenty of resources out there which offer comprehensive budgeting tactics! Yet it is not only the plan itself which yields success, but also the day-to-day adherence to it. The pressure of figuring out which expenses can realistically be cut.

Devising a plan to pay your bills on time while working diligently to make ends meet. This could be daunting, almost impossible, to come up with a realistic budgeting plan to adhere to when all you have is well, literally, all you have! We get it–we’ve been there, and that’s why we’re here to help! Master smart money management tips.

We have some basic tips which helps you sort out what should be done. To manage your bills on a tight budget. The general concept of paying your bills and mapping out your expenses will ultimately remain the same. However, with some minor lifestyle changes.

You will soon discover that, you can let go of all that worry and stress as you track your expenses according to your needs. While also learning how to put aside enough money to comfortably help see you through to the end of the month. So, are you ready to learn smart money management tips?

money management
money management

Assess Your Situation

First things first. You need to know exactly where you stand for your spending habits and the expenses that need your most immediate attention. If you discover that your expenditure is more than your earnings.

Then it is time to figure out ways of earning more and /or limiting your expenditures. Some following tricks will aid you in your journey to financial wellness and stability. You’ve got this–we’re rooting for you!

Keep an Eye on Your Expenses

Map out all of your expenses by categorizing them under ‘needs’ versus ‘wants’ to see where you are spending most your income. Go through your list to see if the things that fall under the category of ‘needs’. Which is expensive compared to the things falling under the category of ‘wants’. This will help you keep an eye out for the things are of absolute priority. Such as utility bills, rent, gas for your vehicle, groceries, basic toiletries, etc.

Cut Back on Your Wants To Smart Money Management Tips

Once you are done figuring out where you are spending more than what is necessary. You will need to begin to delve deeper into your understanding of those problem areas. That are consuming too much of your valuable income. It could be your habit of eating out for the sake of convenience or sheer laziness or the habit of buying something from a place of craving (you know what we’re talking about–it’s that feel-good sensation of ‘newness’ sweeping over your being when you just can’t refuse to own it). Or it could be as simple as stocking your refrigerator with expensive beverages and lavish foods.

You might also spend a larger than the necessary amount on other amenities. Such as the cable subscription that you hardly ever watch, or the extravagant gym membership you never use. We realize that cutting back on what you may deem to be your source of fun or comfort is not an easy task and may make you feel like your life is boring.

But remember, the core is that these unnecessary expenses, on most occasions when questioned why we wanted something in the first place. It was never really about us, so much as it was that feeling of missing out if you don’t have it. Let us not forget happiness is not found in things, but in the quality of living. The quality of living is most harmonious when we are living through our means and expressing gratitude for what we have!

money management
money management

Practice Frugality for Smart Money Management Tips

 Once you have a grip on buying things that come purely from a place of ‘want’ rather than ‘need’, adopt the attitude of frugality for your spending. Look out for things you can do yourself, which can end up saving you a nice sum of money. It could do your own laundry, making more meals at home, washing your car by yourself, or shopping at discount stores and farmer’s markets rather than big chain stores.

The basis of living a frugal life lies in leveraging your DIY skills daily with a can-do attitude. These tricks will help you in saving up a surplus of money you never knew you had, which will not only help make budgeting easier, but you’ll also end up having something to put aside for rainy days.

Apps for Smart Money Management Tips

In this day and age, with accessibility at its best, it is ideal to keep track of your expenditures, especially if you are constantly strapped for cash. Listed below are the top 3 apps that can make it easy to do that:


This is a viable app for someone looking to save on their subscriptions. Trim makes use of your credit card and bank transaction history to create a list of all of your unused subscriptions. After sorting through the data, it provides an instant option to cancel any unused subscriptions by responding with ‘Cancel [insert subscription (s)].’ This app is free to use, and it’s ideal for those who find it challenging to keep track of all their current memberships.


Mint is the biggest tracking and budgeting app on the market. It tracks your expenses across all of your checking, credit, investment, and savings accounts. The app provides a map of sorts to show your overall financial condition, which is especially important for those living paycheck to paycheck. The app is free to use, and it’s ideal for keeping track of any unnecessary expenditures.


MoneyStrands is a budgeting app which can be linked to your bank account. It is an easy-to-use app that’s millennial-friendly. The calendar feature is handy as it shows which payments are due when each month. You can easily set goals for yourself and track the amount of money you’ve saved so far. The app is free to download.

Yes, budgeting can be hard, but if you will make the changes needed, it is not impossible. Changing your lifestyle and smartly watching your expenses can make a huge difference in helping you budget. We know how difficult it gets to save money in a pandemic, But you have got this! It’s a matter of having the will to change your life which will provide the motivation to successfully budget and live financially smart. You got this- we are rooting for you!!

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